Classic Hardcover Journal

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Classic Hardcover Journal
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  • Insane Value – We designed this notebook to be as quality as top brands but affordable for students and frugal shoppers. Our goal is to make top-tier products available for more people by cutting out unnecessary costs.
  • Highest Quality – Tired of pages falling out, broken binding and thin paper? We designed our Hardcover Journal with the thickest paper possible, strongest binding and used hand-sewn stitching to hold up to daily use.
  • Extra Thick Paper – annoyed that your pens always bleed through to the other side of your notebook? We use the thickest paper, which prevents bleed through and helps cut down on annoying ghosting. Easily use both sides of the sheet for maximum value.
  • Durable Cover – We found the perfect composite leather hard cover to protect your journal. Heavy duty to stand up to rugged every day use and feels extremely comfortable in your hands. We sourced our covers from a boutique tannery so it will last and won’t rub off on your clothing.
  • Innovative Design – We designed our binding to lay flat 180º when fully open to allow for easy writing. Pages are hand-sewn and not glued, which give it the durability you have come to expect from Portage Notebooks.