12 Month Undated Productivity Planner

Base Price $16.99
12 Month Undated Productivity Planner
  • Become Less Distracted & More Productive – Do you feel constantly distracted by email, texts and social media? So did we! The Portage Planner uses scientifically proven approaches to Positive Psychology and Human Flourishing to live a focused & productive life beyond what you thought possible.
  • Master Productivity Habits – We teach you the secret weapon of top CEOs and visionaries of our time. The Portage Planner comes with a Personal Mission Statement builder, which is the foundation of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We help you create your Personal Mission Statement to be more productive at work and an all-star at home. 
  • Stop Procrastinating and be Proactive – We know life is crazy busy with almost infinite things to do. Writing down your entire To-Do list on paper is a great way to increase productivity and focus on your most urgent tasks. The human brain has a difficult time focusing on more than 3 things, which is why prioritizing your top 3 tasks allows you to crush your goals.
  • Cultivate Happiness – Conquer depression and anxiety by reflecting on what you are grateful for. Reflecting on positive experiences and daily wins helps turn off negative thoughts and unleash your best self.
  • Amazing Value – The Portage Planner gives you over 12 months of undated monthly and weekly organization for a fraction of the price of our competitors. If you don’t love your Portage Planner, we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee