​5 Things To Do On Sunday To Prepare For A Productive Week

Posted by Portage Notebooks on Apr 5th 2019

Sundays are a blessing and a curse.They usually start out relaxed—until you remember that new report your boss assigned you and your best friend’s birthday dinner and that dreaded dentist appointment. … read more

A Beginner's Guide To Time Blocking

Posted by Portage Notebooks on Feb 15th 2019

Just the sound of the phrase “time blocking” can stress some people out. Sure, it may be the ultimate key to becoming more productive, but it can seem intimidating.While the act of scheduling out ever … read more

5 Ways To Make 2019 A Productive Year

Posted by Portage Notebooks on Jan 7th 2019

Do you feel like 2018 passed by way too quickly? Do you look back on the dog days of summer and realize you got absolutely nothing done? Have you peeked at your 2018 resolutions and grimaced?You may b … read more

Get Organized In The New Year (Or Now) With This Undated Planner

Posted by Portage Notebooks on Dec 12th 2018

New year, new you, right?If you’re like us, you’ve probably made a promise to yourself that 2019 will be the year you get organized. That’s right: no more forgotten appointments and late deadlines; yo … read more