How to Take Notes to Stay Organized

Posted by Olivia on Sep 23rd 2021

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How to Take Notes More Efficiently

Posted by Olivia on Sep 8th 2021

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How to Use a Notebook Effectively

Posted by Olivia on Aug 26th 2021

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How to Organize Your Notebook With Note Tabs

Posted by Olivia on Aug 16th 2021

Sticky notes are one of the best planning tools you can use to help organize your notebook.They can be used in a variety of ways to help you keep track of your monthly calendars, weekly goals, project … read more

5 Ways to Take Notes

Aug 4th 2021

Everyone needs a notebook to take notes.Writing down facts and ideas is one of the most important methods that we use to recall information. However, taking notes the right way is not as simple as it … read more