Appointment Books Are Not Just For Your Hairdresser Anymore

Posted by Portage Notebooks on Nov 9th 2018

Salons are some of the busiest establishments out there.People constantly rush through the front doors, heading to the front desk and then to their stylist or masseuse for the afternoon. In a single l … read more

How To Have Your Most Productive Fall Ever— At Work And Home

Posted by Portage Notebooks on Oct 22nd 2018

Praise the pumpkin spice latte: fall has arrived. The season of colorful leaves, scary movies, and sweater weather has a special place in everyone’s hearts. Even the fall Grinches out there sneak sips … read more

5 Ways To Take Your Note-Taking To The Next Level

Posted by Portage Notebooks on Oct 2nd 2018

Posted October 1, 2018When you’re scribbling down the finer points of Dr. Taylor’s lecture on underwater basket weaving or drawing doodles to show your boss you’re paying attention during a never-end … read more