What Are the Benefits of Keeping a Notebook?

Posted by Olivia on May 6th 2021

Nowadays, smartphones are capable of nearly everything.

With the right apps, your entire life can fit into a single digital device.

But with constant notifications, pop-ups, and reminders going off, it is incredibly easy to get distracted when using your phone.

For this reason, many people find it useful to swap their phones for a physical paper notebook.

Not only does writing things down using a pen and paper help engrave information into our memories, but physical notebooks also have the power to increase your productivity and creativity.

The benefits of keeping a notebook are numerous, but we’ve outlined our top five favorite reasons for using a physical notebook in this post. So, if you are ready to jump on the opportunity to create better habits and be more productive, keep on reading!

What Are the Benefits of Keeping a Notebook?

It helps improve your memory.

Even the most meticulous people forget things sometimes.

While you may think that a particular piece of information will stick with you, it is easy for it to slip your mind. Our memories are fleeting, and even though we might not believe it, they can also be incredibly fallible.

It is a proven fact that if you write something down, you are more likely to remember it.

When you write something down, you get a more accurate picture of your thoughts when you go back and flip through your notebook. Writing down important events, daily tasks, and ideas will help bolster your memory.

It allows you to disconnect from digital devices.

We spend the majority of our days using digital devices. Whether it be for school, for work, or fun, we rely on digital devices for nearly everything.

Too much time spent using digital screens has been linked to issues like insomnia and decreased productivity. So not only is keeping a notebook a great way to keep track of long-term goals and daily tasks, but it is also a healthy habit.

Disconnecting from the use of digital devices can help clear your mind and give your eyes a break from so much screen time.

It turns your ideas into actions.

One of the biggest benefits of keeping a notebook is that it helps turn your ideas into actions.

It is one thing to have an idea pop into your mind, but when you write it down, it becomes an actionable task. Keeping a notebook can help you develop your ideas. You can use your notebook to draw diagrams or list out the next steps you need to take to bring the idea to life.

Try Portage's Kraft Memo Side-Bound Notebook. The Kraft Notebook fits easily into your pocket, allowing you to take notes and reference ideas on the move. 

While a notebook will not single-handedly power your idea to success, it certainly is a good step toward transforming your idea into something tangible.

It holds you accountable.

Whether you are keeping a notebook to jot down notes or keep track of your daily tasks, it can keep you accountable.

When you write something down, put a due date on it. Whether it is an idea or project, giving it a timeline will hold you accountable for getting it done on time.

It can help you improve your day to day routine.

Notebooks are not only reserved for writing down tasks.

One of the benefits of keeping a notebook that does not often come up is the fact that a notebook can help you learn more about yourself, and ultimately help you through the day with more ease. 

Writing down problems or obstacles that come up at work or in your personal life can help you work through those issues. When you physically write something down on paper, you can look at it from a different perspective. Journaling has even been recommended by doctors to help combat mental health issues such as anxiety.

Putting our problems down on paper helps us analyze them more healthily and make better decisions.

Final Thoughts

While keeping a notebook might seem incredibly simple, it has the power to help you become more organized, accountable, and even become a better person.

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