Benefits of Keeping an Auto Mileage Log

Posted by Olivia on Jul 30th 2021

If your job involves a lot of driving, or you use a vehicle for the purpose of your own business, you probably need to log your mileage.Setting up an auto mileage log takes some time, and requires con … read more

Ways to Keep a Notebook Organized

Posted by Olivia on Jul 23rd 2021

As good as we think our memories may be, they are far from perfect.With all of the information we are bombarded with daily, it is important to have a place where we can write things down.Visit our pre … read more

Why You Should Be Taking Notes by Hand

Posted by Olivia on Jul 16th 2021

Taking notes on laptops has become increasingly common both in the workplace and in the classroom.With today‚Äôs technology, you would think that pen and paper are a thing of the past. If you regularly … read more

How to Use a Pocket Notebook

Posted by Olivia on Jul 8th 2021

While app stores are full of productivity tools ready to be downloaded with the touch of a finger, nothing can beat the classic pocket notebook.Whether you are trying to boost your productivity or are … read more

How to Write Field Notes

Posted by Olivia on Jun 25th 2021

Many professions require taking field notes. They are the most common and easiest way for researchers and scientists to record their observations.They are also the first step in developing a quality a … read more