3 Pack | Fitness & Workout Notebook #7900 | 4" x 8"

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3 Pack | Fitness & Workout Notebook #7900 | 4" x 8"
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The Fitness & Workout Notebook is the perfect tool for anyone who is a seasoned weight-lifter or someone just getting started in the gym. If you do not currently log your workouts you need to start today. Writing down your workouts is a powerful motivator and helps to keep you accountable. This simple, compact note pad helps you organize your workouts by day and has enough space to records every exercise in a user-friendly format.

  • THE IDEAL SIZE: This pocket exercise and workout notebook measures 4” x 8”, meaning it doesn’t take up too much room in your gym bag.
  • TAKE NOTES ON THE GO: This pocket notebook and planner makes it easy to hold while taking notes during your workout.
  • EXTRA THICK BACKING: We use a .75mm thick cover, twice as rigid as most competitors. The extra stability provides a sturdy writing surface.
  • LONG LASTING: Each notebook contains 140 pages (70 sheets), meaning there are over 200 days of tracking your fitness and workouts!