Appointment Books Are Not Just For Your Hairdresser Anymore

Posted by Portage Notebooks on Nov 9th 2018

Salons are some of the busiest establishments out there.

People constantly rush through the front doors, heading to the front desk and then to their stylist or masseuse for the afternoon. In a single location, people transform from blondes to brunettes and from hard-working members of society to the pampered princesses and princes of modern life.

This scene may sound chaotic, but if you’ve ever stepped foot in a salon, you know that every beautician and hairdresser knows exactly where they are in the schedule and which customer is coming up next. In short, salons are well-oiled machines.

If you wish your workplace could be even half that organized, we’re here to say that this is actually an astonishingly easy feat. The simple secret to the smoothest businesses in the world is the incredibly useful appointment book.

Available in a range of sizes that make them work for anything from multi-person teams to solo businesses, these high quality organizers will whip your frenzied workdays into such shape that they’ll run as smooth as a fresh layer of nail paint.

Critical for the Homeward Bound

Really, any business that relies on meetings with customers—especially if you need to go to their homes—should have an appointment book. They’re an easy solution to most scheduling problems.

Take small trade companies, for example. If you need to attend multiple homes a day to inspect internet issues, fix plumbing, construct sheds, clean up, or complete any kind of service, you’ve got ensure you’re scheduling your time efficiently. Even if you’re in a business that is generally lax about time constraints, it’s important that you’re on time for, or at least aware of, your next appointment.

Otherwise, you may risk upsetting customers who’ve spent hours waiting for you to arrive and fix their dripping sinks or spotty internet. An appointment book is a simple way to keep track of time and ensure your entire team is aware of each person’s commitments.

Featuring up to ten wide columns, team members have plenty of space to scrawl in their appointments, no matter how messy their chicken scratch is. Plus, the days are formatted so individuals can micro-manage their time into 15-minute blocks from six in the morning to nine at night—making every second of busy days count.

And if you’re the person in charge of wrangling multiple employee schedules? You absolutely need to be able to tell where everyone is at any given moment and who is open for a last-minute booking. With a ten-column appointment book, organizing a large group won’t be a struggle anymore. 

Helpful For Healthful Offices, Too

If you’ve recently become a freelance massage therapist or have just opened your acupuncture clinic, you need an easy way to organize all the appointments that will soon come pouring in—and for small businesses, overly expensive scheduling software is not an option.

Appointment books can help you either organize your new team of eight or your tidy team of two.

Besides, sometimes the available scheduling technology is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially if your office has a spotty wifi connection. If you’re not loving the constant crashes and want your doctor’s or dentist’s office to become more reliable, appointment books are definitely the way to go.

For anything from a team of two dental assistants and a dentist or a growing doctor’s office of eight, there’s an appointment book that is just right for your team. The physical presence of an appointment book may help old-school doctors understand how they need to manage their time.

Who knows: you might even turn around the stereotype that doctor’s appointments never start on time. 

Vital For Volunteering 

Appointment books should be staple tools for volunteer programs, too. If you are in charge of organizing nine-to-five attendance at an animal shelter or retirement home, you need to be able to ensure you have enough volunteers to cover each hour—and with an appointment book of any size, that’ll be a snap.

Even better, appointment books are about as durable as you can imagine. Whether yours is passed from volunteer to volunteer, left in the sun during a Walkathon, or mistakenly thrown in the back of your trunk with the rest of your collected donations, it will live to see another day.

All in all, if your business or volunteer program isn’t already using an appointment book, now is the time to start. Check out our most popular options here