Portage’s Productivity Planner Will Make 2019 Your Most Successful Year Yet

Posted by Portage Notebooks on Nov 29th 2018

As we zip by Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, it’s easy to forget about planning for 2019. But you’ve probably got some New Year’s resolutions in mind and we know exactly what you need to ensure you achieve them.

Portage’s productivity planner may look like your typical planner on the surface, but it’s got a lot more to it. Carefully crafted to help you ditch distractions, this planner empowers you to complete important tasks—not just feel stressed by overflowing to-do lists.

Our handy creation is specifically designed to help you achieve your dreams—even those pesky New Year’s resolutions that seem to evade each and every one of us annually. Here’s how Portage’s productivity planner will help you get to your goals. 

Focus On The (Big) Picture

Everyone should have a personal mission statement. There’s a reason big businesses have them, after all; they “provide us with focus, intention, and conviction.”

In other words, when it’s midnight and you’re binging Ben and Jerry’s with no idea how to take steps toward your ultimate goal, you can refer to your personal mission statement to get you back on track. A personal mission statement guides both your small personal choices and major, life-directing decisions.

Portage’s productivity planner starts your path to success by 

Your mission statement doesn’t have to sound like business jargon, which Weird Al loves to make fun of. It can be as simple as making a promise to yourself to enjoy life no matter the challenges you face. Some great examples are:encouraging you to formulate a personal mission statement, then helps you connect that statement to smaller and more tangible goals.

Amanda Steinberg, Dailyworth.com Founder:“To use my gifts of intelligence, charisma, and serial optimism to cultivate the self-worth and net-worth of women around the world.”

Sir Richard Branson, The Virgin Group:“To have fun in my journey through life and learn from my mistakes.”

Oprah Winfrey, Entrepreneur: “To be a teacher. And to be known for inspiring my students to be more than they thought they could be.”

Once you’ve figured out your personal mission statement, it’s important to keep it top-of-mind as you progress through the year. That’s why Portage’s productivity planner provides space for you to rewrite your mission statement each week, then record details about how you plan to live by your statement.

As motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.”

Stay One Step Ahead

Of course, the best planners don’t just make you hyper-aware of your goals: they encourage you to plan the tasks that will help you achieve them on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

In any planner, a monthly planning section is a must-have. These large block spaces allow you to write down any upcoming appointments or events, and give you a good sense of the way your month is going to progress. Most planners also include monthly to-do lists, where you can list larger goals that may need to be broken down on a week-to-week basis.

In addition to a monthly planning section and to-do list, Portage’s productivity planner helps you prepare for the month ahead by providing space for you to track:

  • Monthly priorities, like keeping healthy (especially in the winter months)
  • Monthly challenges, like a big deadline that’s coming up
  • Monthly wins, like a promotion

When it comes to week-by-week planning, Portage’s productivity planner also ties in personal mission statements, allowing you to refocus on your mission each week. Then, it includes another to-do list that lets you break down that larger monthly task list into bite-sized goals that can be completed each week.

Finally, the planner allows you to write down weekly challenge that can either keep you aware of a challenge you know is headed your way—like finals or a big presentation—or provide space for you to challenge yourself.

This kind of conscious planning ahead will keep your goals top-of-mind, so when you look back on 2019, you’ll realize you’ve achieved all you planned—and more.

Seize The Day

Daily planning is another section where Portage’s productivity planner far exceeds the typical planner.

It’s easy to let busy days slip away without being mindful of your emotions or personal thoughts. That’s why Portage’s planner starts you out with daily reflections, so you can either prepare yourself for the challenges ahead or remind yourself of positive thoughts.

Then, it allows you to list three priorities to tackle of through the day. Making you focus on three important tasks enables you to prioritize your workload—a much-needed skill in this day and age of overwork and distraction.

Portage’s planner also provides space for you to block your time.

Time-blocking, which is just scheduling out your day into manageable blocks of time, is one of the favorite productivity tools of many successful people, including Elon Musk. This is one of the trendiest organization methods out there, and this planner makes it easy to try out.

It’s definitely worth a try—after all, what are new years for if not attempting something new?

Ready to kick-start 2019? Check out our productivity planner today