Stand up Desk

Stand up Desk
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  • Streamline Your Workspace: With over 5 square feet of surface area, this modern standing desk enables you to stay efficient and your desk to stay uncluttered while keeping anything you may need within arm's reach.
  • Quick & Easy Assembly: This sleek stand up desk can be assembled within minutes of arrival. Simply adjust the height according to your personal preference, and begin enjoying the benefits of increased productivity and comfort right away.
  • High Quality and Durable: We avoid the pitfalls of other stand up desks by building ours with no moving parts - say goodbye to ill-fitting and squeaky hinges, difficult-to-adjust arms, and malfunctioning motors, giving you years of effective, ergonomic use.
  • 100% American Made: Our production facility is located right here in the United States, allowing us to use only the best materials, ensure superior quality control and make an affordable stand up desk.
  • Health Benefits: An ergonomic workstation like a standing desk can help reduce back pain, improve mood and energy levels and much more!